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Bamboo – Flat Potted

350.00 300.00
  • Golden bamboos are evergreen perennials with attractive golden stem and textured green leaves.
  • This plant is often used as a fence or screen from noise and dust.
  • It is one of the fastest-growing plants.
Plant Golden Bamboo
Height 3' 6" Feet (106 cm)
Pot description 5 inch round plastic pot
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Ficus Benjamina – Weeping Fig – Flat Pot Bonsai

1,000.00 699.00
  • Ficus Benjamina commonly called weeping fig or Benjamin fig is a flowering plant grown popularly as house plant in temperate regions.
  • It is native to Asia and Australia.
  • This commonly called ficus tree is the official tree of Bangkok

Ficus Bonsai – Fiber Glass Pot

2,000.00 1,299.00
Ficus Fiber Glass bottom

Ficus Starlight – Potted

600.00 499.00
  • Ficus benjamina starlight commonly called as ficus starlight is a delightful variety of the evergreen, weeping fig.
  • Ficus startlight is the backbone of most house ficus varieties