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Bermuda Grass – 250g / 500g seeds

Bermuda grass could be a lasting garden or turf grass or grown as forage. It is one of the foremost well known of the warm season grass. It can effectively be developed by seeds.

Korean Grass – 0.5 kg Seeds

Korean Grass may be a warm season, sod-forming perpetual grass utilized for lawns.It features a low-growing, thick and dull green appearance, as well as moo water and cutting necessities.

Pennisetum pedicellatum / Deenanath Grass – 0.5 kg Seeds

Pennisetum pedicellatum / Deenanath Grass is a yearly tufted grass, seldom perpetual. Grass culms are herbaceous; coming to tallness of 30-150 cm; clears out shaggy, 5-25 cm long and 4-15 mm wide, orchestrated in two columns.

Tall Fescue 1 kg – Seeds

Fescue grass requires less cutting, watering, and less fertilizer, making fescue grass naturally neighborly grass. This moreover implies less work for you!